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Born of an Irish father and a Scottish mother — came of age on the mean city streets of New Jersey in a mostly immigrant neighborhood. Grew up playing the usual neighborhood games, especially street stick ball — two manhole covers a hundred feet apart were home and second base; the rarely moved old Plymouth was first base, and the anonymous car opposite was second. The rhythm of the game included waiting for cars to pass - the well-struck Spalding regrettably shattering a window - the inevitable police patrol cars with the bored cops there to commandeer or break our broomstick bats.

Attended requisite elementary and secondary schools, which included the back-seating by the jocks and tough guys and the awkward dating of girls while trying to hone in on the female mystique. All of this was teaching him something, though as a younger man he wasn't quite sure what that was.

Later, three years in the U.S. Army Medical Corps — a year in Vietnam — and then the getting serious about life: a degree in computer technology — the hot ticket in those days — leading to a long career as a computer professional in California's Silicon Valley. A beloved daughter was a revelation, continued much later by the grandchildren. All the while scribbling his thoughts, impressions, dreams and the occasional story — in the beginning, most of them bad  — into notebooks. All the while learning the craft of writing.

Years later, having taught himself something of what Norman Mailer called The Spooky Art , he started a new life in New Mexico's Land of Enchantment, pursuing the craft as a writer of mainstream novels, mystery novels, and short stories. Subjects varied in place and time, woven through with the threads of life, of family, mothers and fathers, wives and lovers, children and grandchildren, of love and lost love, of joy and tragedy.

The author enjoying the ambiance of old Umbria while
thinking of lunch. Some people say that Italy doesn't function
very well, but the food does make up for it.

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